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Ski school in La Rosière

Whatever your level or your age, our instructors will immerse you in a true Franco-Italian adventure on the slopes of the Espace San Bernardo.
From the first gliding sensations from the age of 3 to perfecting your skiing level, we are at your disposal to offer you the lesson best suited to your expectations.
In order to provide a quality experience, we limit the number of children to 8 per instructor, thus allowing optimal progression.

Private Lessons

Our private sessions, for the duration of your choice, are accessible whatever your level of skiing, and for a wide variety of disciplines.
Hiring a private ski instructor is the privilege of freedom: let yourself be carried away by his knowledge of the environment, his tailor-made advice and the possibility of discovering other ski resorts.
Reconnection to yourself, reconnection to nature, Evolution 2 monitors promise you a real breath of fresh air in La Rosière.


  • Choose your discipline
  • 100 % tailor-made
  • Specialized instructors

Children’s ski lessons

From the age of 3, we go with your children in the discovery of the first sliding sensations. In a group of 8 children maximum, we give and consolidate the first basics of skiing. Our 2h30 sessions allow a progression respectful of the child’s rhythm. Throughout the week, we assess his level in order to give him the best gift at the end of his stay: his medal!

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  • 8 children max per group
  • Private Village Yéti

  • 1 Day in Italy from Yéti 2 level
  • Continuous assessment

Teen lessons

From mountain safety initiation during our Junior Academy sessions to large powder curves during our Freeride courses, your teenagers will have a unique experience. Priority is given to safety and respect for the mountains.

Junior Academy

Does your teenager want to learn off-piste skiing? Our Junior Academy course is the ideal introduction to this new practice.
We share our passion for the mountains to prepare young teens for a safe and fun off-piste experience.
Thanks to our DVA Park, your teenager learns how to use safety equipment (Avalanche Victim Detector, probe and shovel).

Supervised by our qualified instructors, this course allows young rider to discover a new practice of skiing and to acquire new knowledge about our environment.


  • 8 teens max per group
  • 2h30 sessions
  • Respect & security
  • Loan of security equipment


The Freeride course allows young, already experienced skiers to further explore their passion.
In small groups, our qualified instructors supervise your teenagers in their progression in off-piste skiing, keeping in mind safety and respect for the mountain.

In this process, we are deepening the techniques for searching for avalanche victims thanks to our DVA Park. Equipped with safety equipment (transceiver, probe, shovel), your teenager will train in search of beacons buried under the snow.

The objective of this course is the practice of off-piste skiing, accompanied by a real safety package.


  • 6 teens max per group
  • 2h30 sessions
  • Freeride, off-pist and ski touring
  • Loan of safety equipment

Adult ski lessons

Our adult group courses ensure good humor and progress between skiers of the same level. Also limited to 8 per group, our adult courses, lasting 2h30, extend over 3 days. Make progress while having time to enjoy your family and friends the rest of your stay.


  • 8 adults max per group
  • 2h30 sessions
  • 3 days

Snowboard lessons

Have you always dreamed of trying snowboarding?
Our snowboard courses are accessible to beginners and experts.


  • 8 max per group
  • 2h30 sessions
  • All levels
  • Continuous assessment

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