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Seminars and team building

Team-building seminars and incentive activities are the best way to build ties between colleagues. Our enthusiastic team at evolution 2 La Rosière will be happy to design your tailor-made seminar in the French Alps. With our unique location shared between France and Italy your event will be a memorable experience for everyone.


We will work together to build original team-building activities to make your experience very personal. Our backyard is full of magnificent places ready to welcome you for a unique incentive trip. No matter your requirements Evolution 2, La Rosière can help choose, plan and arrange the best team building activities or corporate event to suit your needs. Our team will be available to you before, during and after the event. We believe that creating close relationships with our clients is the source of success.

Already have a project in mind? Or nothing at all? Contact us so we can discuss the different possibilities for your upcoming event. Together, let’s make an original team-building experience for your company. Team work is key. 

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  • Expert team
  • All inclusive
  • Choice of activities
  • Known for our human qualities

Paret downhill

Do you know “the Paret”?
The Paret is an old traditional Savoyard sledge.
It is a little wooden sledge with a single skate, a place to site and a handle to steer it. Our certified instructors will be there to help make this downhill experience unforgettable.
Your downhill Paret experience was fabulous but now you are cold? Lets fix that right up with a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate a cozy moment together to share all the emotions you just experienced. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and let’s make an original team-building experience for your company.

  • Sensations
  • Ambiance conviviale
  • Expérience unique
  • Activité coup de coeur

Savoyard quiz

Do you know the traditional local Savoyard language? “PATOIS” It’s not French!

In teams you will take part in the “Savoyard patois quiz” Patois varies from village to village and from valley to valley. During this fun activity become a true Savoyard and learn to speak this language. It will be useful to be able chat with your new mountain friends. We will teach you the basic rules and common words.

A’rvi pa !

  • Rires
  • 100% savoyard

  • Patois savoyard

Savoyard skittles

Discover a unique and old game, a mix between bowling and Molky. In teams get ready to play on uneven ground. The aim of the game is to reach 24 points before the opposite team. Sounds easy right? This is a game that will evoke laughter and conviviality.

  • Mélange entre Bowling et Mölky

  • Fous rires

  • 100% savoyard

DVA Park

A unique hands on opportunity to learn how to find someone in the event of an avalanche within a safe and informative environment. You will be placed in groups equipped with DVA, shovel and prob. Now you are ready to set off and look for the beacon buried under the snow at our DVA Park (Avalanche transceiver park). The team who finds the imaginary victim within the least amount of time will win the challenge.

  • Challenge

  • Nouveauté

  • Sensibillisation

Florent’s museum

Relive the adventures of the 20th century with its old tools and objects. The museum is unique to La Rosière. We invite you to come and discover history in this renovated old alpine chalet located in the middle of our snow-covered fields. How do you get there? Strap on your snowshoes supplied by our team and let’s head out for a fun and unique adventure. A place to discover without further delay.

  • Etable rénovée

  • Objets anciens

  • Musée unique

Snowshoes relay

This is no ordinary relay! After strapping into your snowshoes get ready to run 4 x 100m. Run as fast as you can and hand over the baton to your team mate, watch out for the obstacles along the way... the first team to cross the finish line wins this Olympic event.

  • Epreuve olympique

  • En raquettes à neige

  • Epreuve unique

Ski & snowboard

You have never put on a pair of skis or tried to snowboard? Or maybe you have years of experience? No mater what the case is come and enjoy the sensation of sliding down our picturesque mountains with our qualified ski instructors. You’ll be able to have fun, develop confidence, and progress. We also offer a unique opportunity to cross the border and ski or snowboard on the Italian slopes and enjoy one of their specialties. Bellissimo!

  • Tous niveaux
  • Moniteurs diplômés
  • Entre France et Italie


Looking to escape in some fresh powder ? Let it snow !

Discover our picturesque mountains in its most beautiful form during this off-piste session with our qualified instructors. Discovery, awareness and mountain safety will be key to this activity.

  • Test de matériel au DVA Park
  • Esprit nature

  • Souvenirs unique


For all off-piste lovers who want to go further in this experience, heliskiing is for you.

After a flight in helicopter to reach a summit you’re ready for an unforgettable off-piste descent. Your playground, untouched spaces far from the marked areas. Heliskiing is an exceptional activity not to be missed.

  • Vue incroyable
  • Souvenir unique
  • Des pentes vierges


Snowshoeing is an ideal way to regenorize in the fresh mountain air. All you have to do is put your Snowshoes on follow our guide. We will take you on a journey through La Rosière and the history of the resort along with a beatiful discovery of our fauna and flora.

  • Esprit nature
  • Tous niveaux
  • Paysages majestueux

Bubble foot

Let loose with a bubble foot challenge. In teams try to score as many goals as possible before the opposite team. Sportsmanship, Laughter, fun are key in this new fun sport.

  • Match de foot unique

  • Fous rires

  • Remporter le tournoi

Biathlon experience

Become a champion of biathlon like Martin Fourcade and live an Olympic experience. Combining rifle shooting with skiing or snowshoes. This unique activity is guaranteed to boosts team spirit.

  • Epreuve olympique

  • Esprit d’équipe

  • Tir à la carabine

Sledge/paret slalom

Take control of your sledge, and get ready to start this fun-filled race. Go through the gates, adjust your curves and straight lines to widen the space between you and your opponent to win the medal.

  • Slalom

  • Fous rires

  • Activité atypique

Dog sleding

Comming to the mountains, why not try Husky sleding. Share a real moment of conviviality with authentic Huskis. Comfortably seated in the sled let these Huskis take you for a wonderful ride. Wake up the trapper inside of you!

  • Complicité avec l’animal
  • Vrais huskys
  • Souvenir unique
  • Esprit nature


Take a few steps and the sky is yours.

Paragliding is the ideal activity to discover the beautiful landscapes that surround you. Let the wind take you away, climb up and discover the ski area of La Rosière in a different way during a two-seater paragliding flight.

  • Nature
  • Panorama
  • Souvenirs


Discover new sensations thanks to snowkite. On the Col du Petit Saint Bernard, on skis or snowboard let yourself be pulled by the strength of the wind.

Are you ready to test this booming sport ?

  • Nature
  • Sensations
  • Panorama

Panoramic flight

Discover the resort of la Rosière from the sky, with a panoramic helicopter ride. Fly over the high summits of the Tarentaise Valley or take-off to the highest mountain in Europe : the Mont Blanc.

Exceptional memories and breathtaking landscapes guaranteed.

  • Vue incroyable
  • Sensations
  • Panorama
  • Souvenirs

Sled ride

Take a ride through our beautiful forest and meadows. This activity is sure to fill you with thrilling sensations and laughter. Find the child in you and let yourself be guided by our instructor.

Sledging descent should be consumed without moderation !

  • Adrénaline
  • Vin chaud & chocolat chaud
  • Fous rires

Savoyard night

Dinning at 2000m, with a panoramic view from the restaurant’s terrace. Start the evening with a ride up the mountain in a piste caterpillar. On the menu : 100% homemade and 100% Savoyard meals an evening of entertainment and laughter. At the end of the evening you will take the piste caterpillar back into the resort under the starry sky.

  • Ambiance savoyarde

  • Repas savoyard
  • Animations

Scuba diving in Tignes

Take part in an extraordinary experience. Dive under the frozen lake of Tignes at an altitude more than 2000M. No noise, only the sun’s rays pass through the ice for a magnificent play of light. a unique and thrilling experience.

  • Expérience unique

  • Plongée sous glace

  • Souvenirs uniques

Ice riding in Tignes

Come and test your driving skills on ice ! Discover all the techniques: skidding, emergency braking, turning and more. Wake up the rally driver inside you. First ice driving experience or you are a driving champion no mater the case thrills are guaranteed.

  • Expérience unique

  • Baptême ou cours

  • Rires

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